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Circus Industry In Lingerie = The Boudoir Circus

You may have seen it several times over our social media, but we actually just did our third session for The Boudoir Circus. If you are not very familiar with this project, now is a good time to catch up!


A love for aerial silks

Fanny and I started practicing aerial silks 3 years ago, after seeing it done in South America. It was intriguing and beautiful. A few clicks later and we were signed up for our absolute beginner class with Jamie Holmes. Needless to say, we fell in love with it very quickly and decided to buy our own equipment and we kept practicing over the years.

Circus arts are just starting to get more and more popular, especially in Canada. They require determination, patience and preciseness. Even tough it could look easy to you, the minute you are off the ground, you can feel how heavy your body is. You cannot get cocky before starting any aerial apparatus!

Hi, it is I!

Hi, it is I!

Why The Boudoir Circus?

A year ago, I had my own little shoot done while on the silks. I still have a print in my lacy bodysuit right in my living room. It made me so proud and I was so pleased with myself to have done it! When we opened Scandaleuse, we started thinking about partnerships with other businesses and Jamie just had opened her brand new studio: Studio Flux.

After a meeting, we all got excited about offering a mini boudoir session, on the silks. However, we wanted high quality and we noticed that this kind of silks photos were not really out there yet. Aerialist managed to get some solid photographs but most of the time, they all look the same. We definitely took advantage of it and brough studio lighting equipment, determined to get mind-blowing pictures, with a sexy touch (we add sexy to everything we can guys, you know that by now!)

We did a couple of tests before, blocked a 3-hour time slot, started with 4 people and then we scheduled the first event in July 2017.

We were sold out in one week.


Giving an excuse for a shoot

A lot of people need a solid excuse to get a boudoir shoot done. Being able to show your passion while shooting makes them automatically at ease. They feel good, they look good. They are at their best. They are also a little challenged, posing in front of a camera is already harder than you would think, but doing it in the air, holding a not-so comfortable position and make it look like it's the easiest thing on Earth is even worse!

Seeing the models being super excited at the end of the session, all dolled up, happy with themselves and ready to conquer the world is priceless. They could seem like everyday people, but yet, they are working on their superpowers!

Our next goal: MEN & get different apparatus

While we absolutely adore aerial silks, we are dying to get different apparatus. Rope, trapeze, lyra, the possibilities are endless! We are also opening the next sessions to contortion. It's amazing to see a human body perform and defy gravity!


Many of you gentlemen perform in the circus industry. Oh we know. Now come get naked please!

While we don't have the next session available, you can still follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know when the next TBC will happen. It is open to men & women, for all levels!

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Photoshoot in Costa Rica

It was about time that we wrote about this trip. Don't procrastinate kids.  Fanny and I had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica last February, to escape the canadian cold and follow an aerial silks retreat. Because, yes, we also do aerial silks!


This retreat is put together by the lovely Jamie Holmes, The Circus Fix genius and aerialist extraordinaire. If you are following us on our facebook and instagram, you are probably already familiar with her beautiful face! (and if you are NOT following us, it's not too late!)

While it was a pretty busy trip full of workouts and good food, we clearly saw that a shoot had to happen. We had it all laid out right in front of our eyes: gorgeous girl, outstanding country and a brand new business we were starting to nourish.

Now that we had 90% of the elements for a successful shoot, we needed one thing: the perfect spot.

We were located in a super small town called Santa Teresa, where if you don't have any sorts of transportation, you have to use your legs for 45 minutes in average (except the beach. That was across the street!). Been there, done that, Fanny and I started our little adventure for a solid 3 hours. As usual, we climb stuff, we crawl on the floor, and occasionally yell to one another "do you think this is safe???" And honestly, we didn't find what we were looking for. Until we walked home.


There it was, that super close by, easy to access, little path that no one noticed. Some sort of mini jungle, by a deserted beach. Across from the main street we are staying at.

We walked down that secret trail and fell in love. Everything was magical. The light was absolutely gorgeous at any time of the day. The greens of the jungle were mind blowing. After a thousand "wow" and "WOOOOOOW, we had it.

Side note: do not try to call monkeys there, they will throw coconuts at you. Fanny dodged one.

It felt like the photos were taken by themselves. Despite the heat, it was one of the easiest shoot we've ever done. Jamie did a fantastic job posing and we are so happy we got a chance to give her that. I only wish the shoot lasted even longer.

This is not only a "look-at-our-shoot" post. This is our first boudoir when Fanny and I worked together as a team.

This shoot triggered our love to shoot boudoir outdoors to create those out of the ordinary contrasts. This session showed us how well our ideas clicked together and how solid we are. It's thanks to this specific moment that we opened Scandaleuse a couple of weeks later.

To the next crazy shoot!