• What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is pretty versatile. It is based on intimate and sensual photo shoots (lingerie, underwear, nude....) This kind of photography is now becoming increasingly popular: women (and men!) are finally owning their bodies, and more importantly, are proud to do so. Learn more on our blog here.

  • Where are you based?

We are currently based in Toronto and occasionally Paris.

  • Who am I talking to?

You will always be talking to either Juliette or Fanny. We handle things from beginning to end and we do it quick. All emails are answered within 24 hours. Our editing is also in house and our turnaround time are in average 2 weeks for your final product.

  • What do we offer?

Our goal is to provide high-end images while offering a full experience. We want our models (aka Scandals!) to feel 200% comfortable while working with us and we do not want to do the standard quick bed photos. There is so much more to explore with Boudoir Photography and since our clientele is special, there photo shoots should be too.

  • Do you photograph men?

Yes we do!

  •  Who is going to be my photographer?

Both of us! We noticed that shooting together makes our models more comfortable and it also guarantees you a great variety in your session since you have two set of eyes at your disposal! We work faster & better together.

  • How do the sessions work?

First, we schedule a consultation to see what you have in mind. Then, we have set up an experience package with the following: 90-minute sessions, makeup/hair, location, unlimited outfits & set-ups. A selection of photographs will be sent to you after the session and you can choose to purchase some. We are also in charge of coaching you down to your fingertips during the session and have put together some helpful guidelines to make your experience unique and smooth.  Concerning the final product,  Scandaleuse is all about digital files! Prints are available at additional cost. Read more here

  • What are the limits of your style?

We work from soft boudoir to eroticism (which involves suggestion of sexual acts). You are welcome to do full nudity if you wish. We do not do pornography.

  • Do you have a studio?

No, we have a list of stunning locations around the city we shoot at. It gives you something different from everyone else and gives us a chance to stay creative. Read more about it here!

  • Is make-up & hair included? Can I do it myself?

Yes. We work exclusively with a talented make-up artist and hair-stylist. However, if you would like to do your own hair & make-up, you can turn this service into a 75$ towards a package.

  • How will I get my photos?

Once your selection is made during your viewing session, we will start a more thorough editing. Once your files are ready, you will receive them via your own private online gallery. Contrary to other studios, we deliver high quality digitals (print quality) directly without an additional fee.

  • Can you edit me?

Yes & no. Our editing motto is that we remove everything that is temporary. Meaning that if you were to have a pimple the day of your session, we can take care of it in post. We do not change your body shape or make you thinner/bigger. If you have specific part of your body you would like to highlight or not, we inquire about these during our consultation and will pose you accordingly. Concerning potential scars, birthmarks, mistake tattoos, stretch marks, it is entirely up to you: we can edit or smoothen those if you wish.

  • Are my pictures going to be published online?

Not unless you want to. While we are proud of our work and would love to show you off, we understand that you may not want to. That's totally fine, we will update your contract and there are no additional fees for this.

  • I don't have the body for this

You have a body to begin with, and that's all you need! You do not need to be a "real" model or be a certain way to do a boudoir shoot! Scandaleuse is fighting against beauty standards and we are proud to have models from all genders, shapes & sizes! We believe that everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their own skin.

  •  Do you work with providers/companions?

Absolutely and our rates stay the same! Contact us for more information.