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She Does The City - Toronto

“Have you ever dreamt about getting your photo taken while bent backwards over a sofa in only your skivvies? We have. What would it feel like to really get in touch with and play with your inner sex goddess? Your divine femininity? It’s something that lots of Toronto women have been trying, thanks to Juliette and Fanny, the talented photographers behind Scandaleuse Photography.”

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Radio Canada followed us on a session to showcase how boudoir photography helps women to feel more confident and about how women should stop caring about other people’s opinion. This article is in French and also featuring our campaign “The Unstoppable Project”


Quite the Scandal - Madison Elliott - Viva Media

“I showed up to the shoot location with a small suitcase full of heels, jewelry, and my most scandalous attire. For the entire three hours I was there, I felt like a new person. My butt was shaking, my boobs were out, I was stretching and holding the most awkward of poses, and I was sweating profusely, but I'd never felt more beautiful or empowered.”



Read about our vision of entrepreneurship, boudoir photography and our story on Be The Next Her, a blog gathering profile of career women.

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Meet Léa, graphic designer & illustrator at Through her comic strip, she tells the story of how a boudoir session with Scandaleuse Photography helped her channel her femininity. 

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CHOQfm - Radio - TOronto

Ami from Choq FM welcomed us to discuss our background, the story behind Scandaleuse and what boudoir photography is and who it is for.



We had the opportunity to discuss the relationship between feminism and boudoir photography.

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