More than just a parade

Hello our little scandals and happy Canada day!

Today’s blog post is about Pride. One more fabulous year, full of happy people, colors, fun and most importantly: love


A month ago we received an inquiry for a boudoir shoot, from one of our customer who was wondering if we were open to homosexuals and same-sex couples. We are always surprised to see in 2017, some people still have anger towards the gay community and refuse to help or serve people who are different. It always breaks my heart when I hear stories about homophobia but even if those people are making it difficult, it is important to focus on the ones who fight against that.

We enjoy the Pride because it is not just about homosexuality anymore but about us, Human beings. It is about the right to love whoever you want. It is about owning your body and sexuality, about welcoming the difference with open arms and a warm heart. It is about freedom!

We all deserve to live the life we want and it starts with being ourselves.

Bonjour Monsieur Trudeau!

Bonjour Monsieur Trudeau!


We were at the pride parade this year and found a great (and tiny) spot to enjoy the show. We danced, laughed and yelled for 2 hours. We caught some gifts and we got wet (take your mind out of the gutter, it is not what you think!)

Budlight had a pretty sweet setup!

Budlight had a pretty sweet setup!


But it was not the best part. You know the French have a reputation to naturally be kinky right? Well, we decided to own up to it.

We went down the street in the village, and we asked strangers to kiss while we were taking pictures. Kisses. Kisses everywhere! We only have one thing to say, you guys were brave! Believe it or not, kissing in front of two photographers you meet for the first time is though (and there was no foreplay).

Some couples were passionate, others were shy but they all were beautiful. It was few hours of pure love and this my friend, is more important than all of those frustrated people who can’t understand what being Human means.

Thumb up for our lovely Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, always nice to see him in the parade. This guy is amazing.

Love you all!