Let's talk about 2017

Well Scandals, we are living the last few weeks of 2017. We don't know about you, but this year was full of adventures for us (as I am currently writing this blog post in Prague, aka my big latest adventure of the year in 2017).

I absolutely love reading other people's feedback on their year and for the first time ever, Scandaleuse is doing it too.


Firstly, we opened.

Well yeah, it's kinda of the biggest one this year: we gathered our courage and opened Scandaleuse in April 2017. Fanny got her immigration paperwork done, I quit my full-time job and, from the Toronto Public Library, the website went live for the first time. A dream we worked so hard on finally came true. We collaborated with three awesome talents we can't thank enough: our illustrator Deanna Colosimo, our videographer James at Prcptn and our animator Jonathan Delgado.

We have successfully built amazing projects

Show Us Your Tats was our first photography project for tattooed people, in which we met, photographed & interviewed wonderful people. Thank you Mike, Betty, Liana, Kyle and Amber for getting on board.

We then worked on The Boudoir Circus with Jamie Holmes with 13 wonderful ladies who blew us away with their aerial abilities. We cannot wait to have another one in 2018!

The first Boudoir Bash was born and sold out in a matter of weeks, with 5 amazing women we are very thankful we met. We have another Boudoir Bash on January 20th and we are hoping for an even better turn out! (by the way, we have 4 spots left, contact us if you want one!)

We had a fantastic Model Call with two gorgeous women to immortalize a fantastic location in Hamilton at The 45 Wellington Project.

We spoke in public for the first time ever

Fanny and I stood in front of a group of strangers to talk about self confidence & boudoir photography, first at the Oasis and then at Good For Her. It was rocky, we stuttered, laughed, felt awkward and waaaaay out of our comfort zone but what an incredible experience that was! It made us grow in confidence 3000 faster than usual.

We opened to weddings

After working on so many weddings for other people, we opened our own wedding division with Scandaleuse! We now have a few amazing couples for 2018 and we can't wait to get more! (Pssst, our wedding instagram is here. Just saying!)

We got published

Again in Hamilton, with a team that took months to gather, we got published for a half lingerie, half bridal shoot in the mud by a waterfall!

We traveled to cities we've always wanted to see, and that for an entire month.

Airplanes hopping, walking so many kilometers we can even count, tried to speak 4 different languages, and are now back home with our loved ones in France. 


We saw 54 pairs of butts and counting, did five shoots around the world in Costa Rica, Lisbon, Rome, Prague, Bordeaux (and Paris will be the first 2018 shoot!), posted 257 times on Instagram (double that on Facebook) and wrote 37 blog posts.

And for that, we thank YOU. (And you. And youuuuuu. Love Actually reference.)

To more shoots, more boobs and butts and weddings!

What's your biggest accomplishment in 2017? We want to know everything. Sending you a lot of love for these last few weeks this year. Take care.

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More than just a parade

Hello our little scandals and happy Canada day!

Today’s blog post is about Pride. One more fabulous year, full of happy people, colors, fun and most importantly: love


A month ago we received an inquiry for a boudoir shoot, from one of our customer who was wondering if we were open to homosexuals and same-sex couples. We are always surprised to see in 2017, some people still have anger towards the gay community and refuse to help or serve people who are different. It always breaks my heart when I hear stories about homophobia but even if those people are making it difficult, it is important to focus on the ones who fight against that.

We enjoy the Pride because it is not just about homosexuality anymore but about us, Human beings. It is about the right to love whoever you want. It is about owning your body and sexuality, about welcoming the difference with open arms and a warm heart. It is about freedom!

We all deserve to live the life we want and it starts with being ourselves.

Bonjour Monsieur Trudeau!

Bonjour Monsieur Trudeau!


We were at the pride parade this year and found a great (and tiny) spot to enjoy the show. We danced, laughed and yelled for 2 hours. We caught some gifts and we got wet (take your mind out of the gutter, it is not what you think!)

Budlight had a pretty sweet setup!

Budlight had a pretty sweet setup!


But it was not the best part. You know the French have a reputation to naturally be kinky right? Well, we decided to own up to it.

We went down the street in the village, and we asked strangers to kiss while we were taking pictures. Kisses. Kisses everywhere! We only have one thing to say, you guys were brave! Believe it or not, kissing in front of two photographers you meet for the first time is though (and there was no foreplay).

Some couples were passionate, others were shy but they all were beautiful. It was few hours of pure love and this my friend, is more important than all of those frustrated people who can’t understand what being Human means.

Thumb up for our lovely Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, always nice to see him in the parade. This guy is amazing.

Love you all!