Our working process

Spoiler alert: we shoot boudoir sessions. I bet you didn’t see that one coming right?! Of course, the shooting part is absolutely amazing, but we have a few steps before getting to it. If you were thinking of booking your session, here is how we work:


Step 1: Understanding your vision in your first email.

What is the reason behind your shoot? What environment do you see yourself in? Is our style for you? We love hearing your stories before anything else. It helps us understand what direction we are going towards and also if we will be a good match. We specialize in one field and it does happen that we receive inquiries not up our alley. We wouldn’t want to waste your time now, would we?

Step 2: let’s meet!

Once we all got a better idea of what we will be working on, we always schedule a meeting in person. First, for safety - for you and for us! Then because we want to make sure you will feel comfortable with us. Lastly, because we love coffee and treats, so yeah, if we can combine everything, sign us up!

We will discuss your vision more in details, talk about a location, makeup, hair, lingerie, answer any questions you may have, book a potential date… It is always a very exciting part of the journey!

You can ask as many questions as you wish, we have heard them all. These meetings are an opportunity for you to cover your bases and get comfortable. Go crazy!

Step 3: the contract is coming!

Once we have a potential date and the deposit, we will send over a contract that you can sign digitally. It states everything included in your package and also gives you 3 options for a release for the use of the photos (to sum it up: yes use them, yes use them after approval or where you can’t see it’s me, no don’t use them) . Make sure to pick the one that fits you!

Step 4: Congrats, you’re getting your shoot done!

It’s official, you booked your session! You will now be introduced to our lovely makeup artist and hairstylist so you can discuss ideas, and get access to some secret deals we have. On our end, we finalize the loft, confirm the time and location and answer any additional questions you may have.

We send a calendar invite to all parties with all necessary information, so you don’t have to look around for confirmation.

Step 5: the big day has arrived


This is it! You will first start with getting dolled up and then we will meet you at the loft we previously booked for you for 1,5 hours of fun, laughter, pretty lingerie, our very obvious excitement and killer photos! Boom goes the dynamite. Very important note: you don’t need to know how to pose! It is our job to guide you, so you can just enjoy the cruise!

Bonus: You are more than welcome to bring someone with you if it makes you feel more comfortable. Just let us know prior to the session!

What about the after?

After a couple of weeks, we will have a selection ready for you and will have you over our home office for the big reveal (with tea, coffee, and treats - of course, see step 2!) You will then be able to choose the photos you wish to purchase. If you feel like bringing a special someone, by all means, be our guests.

As you can see, organization is key for us in order to guarantee a flawless experience. Our top priority is for you to be comfortable with the shoot and with us. We make sure you are taken care of from start to finish. Ready to book your shoot?

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