Why do a boudoir shoot?


As you all now know, boudoir photography has been around for quite a while. One of the first question we get when we talk about Scandaleuse is "why the heck would a lovely lady (or gentleman!) ask for this particular photography session?"

Whether you are hesitating about booking your session or just curious about who we work with, we have gathered some pointers for you little Scandals!

Reason 1: Just because you want to.

We might as well start with our favourite excuse to walk around half-naked followed by a camera. You may have woken up one day feeling ready to immortalize your beautiful self or you may have worked really hard on a new you. Or maybe you always wanted to do it and you now gathered the courage to start your google search.

Reason 2: You have another person who will enjoy it.

Doing it for yourself deserves two thumbs up,but sharing your photos with your special someone takes the cake. (and god knows we love cake. We’re French, don’t blame us)

Why not giving a little peek to the person who makes you heart shake so you can brag one more time about how good you look?

Reason 3: Because you are working so hard on that body of yours

All of those hours squatting at the gym with the litres of sweat involved are a good enough reason to get a shoot done. Let's face it, if you have a 6-pack or a booty Brazilians would kill for, you might as well show it.

Reason 4: A teeny tiny soon to be big mush of love is coming!

You are expecting a major change in your life and it is now or never to capture your body changing. Scandaleuse loves big bellies. For real. We are amazed by why the human body can do.

Reason 5: Gooooing to the chapel…

..and we’re gonna get maaaarried. Forget the standard cufflinks as a wedding gift and spice it up with yourself instead. Need more details? Hint: it involves a veil, rings and I do’s. And a sexy honeymoon.

That’s it for today lovely Scandals. Just know that whatever reason you pick, we have your back! (or your front. Or... well you got it.)

You have any other reasons? We are all ears!