Juliette & Fanny met in Photography school in Paris back in 2009 and they’ve been following each other around the world ever since. Why did they click so well? Because they both fight endlessly to make sure women don’t undervalue themselves and proudly shine in their everyday lives. After years of collaborating together, they decided to make it official and to combine their strengths to open Scandaleuse in 2015, in which they create unique experiences for each of their clients.

They now have helped over 70 Scandals to embrace their sensuality fearlessly and are not planning on stopping there.



Juliette started climbing trees and making friends with the floor for the perfect picture in the French countryside. With an "everything for the shot" mentality, she is always pushing her creativity a little more every time while highlighting her models' unique qualities. After an exciting detour in London, UK, she landed in Toronto four years ago.

Her goal is to make sure that whoever is in front of her camera feels like the queen (or king) of the world.


It all started when Fanny stole her mom’s shoes when she was a kid. This triggered her admiration for elegance and confidence that she reflects in her photography. Many years and coffee cups later, she launched her first photography exhibition highlighting the beauty of women's legs and stilettos.

Fanny is the kind of person who has multiple passions and interests, one of them being the love for the circus world, particularly aerial arts.

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