take your personal branding to the next level


We are happy to offer high-end tailored boudoir sessions so you can load up on photos to reflect your personality and brand.

We currently offer:

  • Different backgrounds options

  • Optional hair & makeup

  • Unlimited looks

  • No rate difference with our standard sessions

  • Possibility to add extra time

  • Full privacy

Since receiving and subsequently releasing my finished photos, I’ve seen a noticeable change in myself & my business. My confidence levels have soared and business is booming. I am expecting 2019to be my most lucrative year yet and I can attribute it directly to my decision to work with Juliette & Fanny. Thanks again ladies, because thanks to you, I am Scandaleuse!
— Mara


Do you blur my face?
We use our creativity as much as we can to pose you accordingly so you are not recognizable (crop, hair movement, back shots, close-ups). For the ones that will show your face, we find that providers would rather to handle the blurring themselves, so we will edit the non-censored version and send it your way. Since our files are high definition, you can blur them any way you want without damaging it (and if you wish to keep your pretty face in for yourself, you have the option!)

Do you edit my body?
We only do a mild skin edit and remove anything temporary such as blemishes and bruises or anything that can make you easy to recognize, only if you wish to (scars, tattoos, birthmarks). We discuss what your vision prior to the session and will pose you to highlight what you wish, but we won’t change your body in post production. Showcasing the real you is part of our brand.

I have tattoos I don’t want to show.
That we can edit, depending on placement and size

Do you use the photos for your portfolio?
Not if you don’t allow us to, and if you do, we use only the only in which we can’t recognize you. There are no extra fees for keeping privacy.

Is there a special rate for companions?
Our rates are the same for everyone, however if you need regular content, just contact us and we can work something out for you!

I don’t need hair & makeup
That’s all good, you can remove it from our session fee and save $70

What files will be getting?
During our viewing session, you will pick the files you wish to purchase. We will edit those and send them to you via an online private gallery. All of our files are in high resolution, without a watermark.