"Our experience from start to finish was amazing. They picked a cozy home for our shoot and their creativity was evident as they had us move around the house, room to room utilizing tables, couch, stools, stairs, mirrors etc. Their professionalism allowed us to remain calm and at ease as my husband and I were gracefully guided from pose to pose. It was really fun and we can’t believe how quickly the time flew. I was a little self-conscious about my body but by the end of the shoot I felt relaxed and unjudged and ended up almost nude - feeling like for the first time I could really embrace my body and expose my inner goddess."
- Katia


"Fanny & Juliette are absolutely amazing! It was my first time ever doing a Boudoir photo shoot and I was both nervous and excited leading up to the day. Once I got into the room and started working with them, all my nerves disappeared. They made me feel SO comfortable. They are full of knowledge and are very professional. My pictures turned out better than I ever could of imagined 😍 As a mother, my body has changed in so many ways and I've struggled to see myself as beautiful or sexy lately. These ladies made me feel beautiful again and helped me gain back some of my self confidence. I can't thank them enough! I will definitely work with them in the future and would recommend them to everyone! ❤️❤️ "
- Becky


"There aren’t enough good words to describe how it feels like to work with both Fanny and Juliette! They are so fun, encouraging, sweet and have a GREAT eye for helping you look great in all the pictures they take. I would totally recommend this to anyone who’s looking for high end boudoir photography. All the pictures they took were awesome! I was a bit nervous to get in front of the camera but they created such a warm, trusting and fun environment that it felt almost natural to start taking clothes off!
I definitely look forward to working with them again in the near future."

- Sayaka


"My shoot with these fierce femmes was one that was unforgettable. They were quick and efficient and it was a breeze and so much fun! I felt completely comfortable the whole time and the pictures turned out better than I would have ever imagined. They are so good at what they do!!!! I felt so empowered working with them and will/have recommend these ladies and their amazing talents to everyone that is interested in a unique and extra special shoot."
- Jamie


"I had an indescribably fantastic time doing a boudoir shoot on aerial silks with Fanny and Juliette from Scandaleuse Photography! They create such an amazing atmosphere, with music and their own charm! They provide great advice in the outfit to wear and what tricks to do for an amazing shot. The photos reflected exactly what I was looking for. I would work with them in a heartbeat in the near future!"
- Ani