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Behind-the-scenes - Chasing waterfalls

I apologize if you now have the song stuck in your head. In case you missed it, we got our first publication early this week! We poured our hearts and souls into a styled shoot with multiple vendors, drove to Hamilton, shot, edited, delivered. Not without some adventures...


Organizing a styled shoot is hard.

Finding vendors willing to collaborate with you, to take some time out of their busy lives for your creative idea is way more difficult than you would think. I stopped counting how many vendors stopped responding and just disappeared (thanks!) and I still don't know how we managed to put together such a sweet team for this one. Flowers, make up, designers, jewelry, models, video... we had it all except....

The hairstylist didn't show up.

Yep. We had everything and everyone confirmed for an early start in Hamilton and when we got here, the hairstylist wasn't. Dude decided to sleep in instead and gave us the lamest excuse on the planet. This is the most unprofessional and disrespectful thing you can do and we were pretty upset (a lot of swearing in French were involved in this process). So I had to improvise myself as a hairstylist for the shoot. I think I did okay!


Our videographer broke his leg.

It was quite a hike to get to that sweet spot our videographer Doug had found for us. It was slippery and steep, even more difficult when you are holding props and you can't see your feet. A few meters away from the spot, Doug tripped on a rock and fell without being able to catch himself since his hands were full. We got pretty scared on that one, we were literally in a hole. I saw us trying to get a helicopter to come get him. And yet, Doug is a superhero. He sat down for a while and did the entire shoot without complaining once. We learnt the next day his leg was broken and his shoulder messed up. Talk about badass.


The cold, the humidity and the girl

Our model Sarah also deserves a medal for this shoot. Even if it was the end of May, well... we're in Canada. It was barely 12 degrees and this beautiful girl had to stand by a waterfall in lingerie for a solid 2 hours. She handled it like a pro, rocking every outfits and we couldn't thank her enough for it.

The friend that was here to help and made our day.

Everyone fell in love with Kurtis. He is the nicest person we have ever met and was such a huge help during the entire shoot, between climbing stuff with us, holding on to equipment, shooting behind the scenes and handing a coat to Sarah every 3 minutes. Thank you.

RIP our pants, shoes and dignity

Oh we tripped. Multiple times. In the mud. No it wasn't sexy. Yes we had mud on our butts that made our pants look suspicious. If you followed our Instagram story that day, you probably saw it! (we do fun stories, you should come!)

Thank you to the entire team, for our first styled shoot with Scandaleuse, it was quite a success! To more adventures!

The team

Model: Sarah Leach
Make-up: Marie-Claire Spizzirri
Videographer: Douglas St John
Assistant: Kurtis Hervé
Jewelry: Dolorous Jewelry
Lingerie Designer: Less is Amor
Gowns; Breeyn McCarney
Flowers: Berry Blush